A National Centre of Excellence for Gender Equity and Sustainable Women Development.

    The National Centre for Women Development (NCWD) is a Federal Government Institution established in 1992 and modelled after the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW).
    Training and Economic Empowerment of Women are critical to the realization of the mission of this center, as our focus is to improve the lives of women, especially those in the rural areas through sustainable developmental programs, so they can become productive and self-reliant.
    It is important to note that Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Vocational & Entrepreneurial Skill Developments are imperative in enhancing the economic status of women, while the role of research is critical, as key target groups and data concerning women are sought and generated for intervention. These areas; Training, Research and Gender Advocacy and Development forms the key areas of focus in the National Centre for Women Development, Abuja.

    Theme: Innovation through ICT in STEM Education and Practice
    Role of ICT in STEM
    ICT assists students in collaborating with peers and experts, designing products, collecting and analyzing performance data, and, in many cases, actually helping them build products.
    Mechatronics is application of electronics and computer technology to control the motions of mechanical systems
    Mechatronic devices are everywhere, they are found in the computer Settings like the Drives, Drivers, Photocopiers, Scanners, others are found in Cars and at homes
    The Training will expose participants to the role of ICT in STEM Education & Practice
    Areas of Coverage
    A. MS Word. Beginning of any project is the planning phase
    MS Word will enable users to create and format documents for use in the design and planning of projects
    B. MS Excel- MS Excel provides an avenue to generate and analyze data for planning and Machine Learning.
    C. Introduction to Mechatronics WITH emphasis on Machin Learning. Machine Learning is the process of feeding machines with data so it can learn from experience and can predict possible outputs, more like the neural network of the human brain.
    D. Office Workflow using GanttProject
    A project is a series of tasks that need to be completed to reach a specific outcome. A project can also be defined as a set of inputs and outputs required to achieve a particular goal. Projects can range from simple to complex and can be managed by one person or a hundred.
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    Gender-based violence is prevalent globally. It occurs in many forms, including intimate partner violence, rape and coerced sex, child sexual abuse, human trafficking etc. Such forms of gender-based violence are a significant risk factor for poor health, impacting on individuals’ physical, sexual and psychological health, as well as their social and economic well-being.
    In a bid to stem the tide, the National Centre for Women Development launched a Gender Based Violence DASHBOARD, to capture reported cases of all kinds of violence against women so decision makers can access this information and develop policy to reduce this crime. A total of 1260 SGBVcases were reported from 2015-2020

    Study on Nigerian Women and the Economic Value of Unpaid Care Work

    This research work provides insight into to the importance of addressing issues of unpaid care work in national development policies and strategies. It is meant to stimulate discussions at the country level with a view towards developing locally-adapted unpaid care work initiatives, and, as an advocacy tool with a view towards increasing awareness of unpaid care work from the local to the international levels. Because unpaid care work is unevenly distributed between women and men, it is important to understand its magnitude, dynamics and impact. In the research on unpaid care work carried out in Ebony State of Nigeria, When asked "Who carry out the highest work load at home”, 97% of 119 respondent said Women carry our the highest work at home.